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Nursing Practice to Nursing Science: An Evolution!
March 23, 2023 by UNMC CON CNE

On today’s episode of RN Huddle, our co-host Heidi Keeler, PhD, MSN/MBA, RN is joined by two of our very own College of Nursing PhD students, Gisele Tlusty, PhD(c), MSN, RN and Abbey Klein, PhD(c), BSN, RN. They sit down with Heidi to discuss their experiences that led them to nursing science and their time in the PhD program. They talk about the DNP vs PhD programs and why it’s important to know what you want out of your education. The discussion then moves on to the why and the how of becoming a nurse scientist. If you’re asking yourself, “Why do we do [insert any nursing practice] this way?”, nursing science might just be for you and you’ll want to take a listen! We hope this episode triggers your creative side and gets those juices flowing! For more information on the PhD program at UNMC, feel free to visit the website found here: https://www.unmc.edu/gradstudies/programs/doctoral/nursing/index.html Read More.

ED Nursing Fellowship ​with Repeat Nebraska Medicine Guests
September 3, 2021 by UNMC CON CNE

RN Huddle sat down with some repeat guests from the Nebraska Medicine Emergency Department (ED) Nicole Lenaghan, Kalen Knight, and newcomer Ann Boley. The crew sits down to discuss their ED Nursing Fellowship. Since it's start in 2004, this Fellowship provides a unique way to onboard nurses to get them ready to join the ED team. Check out the episode notes for contact information for this fellowship opportunity. Read More.

Common Struggles to Home Health Care Access: Multiple Sclerosis
April 2, 2021 by UNMC CON CNE

This week on RN Huddle we have a new guest with us! Dr. Kathleen Healey is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurological Sciences. She’s joined by BOTH of our co-hosts Renee Paulin and Heidi Keeler as they talk about an important topic related to caring for patients with MS and other debilitating disorders, creating challenges to home care access. Our guests discuss community resources that are important to be aware of and incorporate into the comprehensive care plan to help improve the quality of care for those with complex comorbidities. Her research has been very impactful in terms of specialized comprehensive care when caring for those with MS. Join us on RN Huddle to hear more on this unique topic with a very passionate and knowledgeable guest! Read More.

Impact of Lawsuits with Nurses and Nurses Actions
Impact of Lawsuits with Nurses and Nurses’ Actions
June 27, 2019 by UNMC CON CNE

Ever help a patient where they are taken care of properly and survived the hospital stay and they still sue you? Dr. Joyce Black of UNMC College of Nursing has. In this first episode of RN Huddle, she discusses this particular story with malpractice attorney Kathryn Cheatle. You’ll hear about this story as well as other malpractice lawsuits and those related details. Read More.