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National Injury Pressure Advisory Panel (NPIAP) Podcast with Carley Rusch – Why Is Nutrition So Important During Wound Healing?
July 18, 2024 by UNMC CON CNE

Dr. Black is BACK with a new guest talking about all things pressure injury prevention. Carley Rusch, PhD, RD is a Medical Science Liaison at Abbott Nutrition, today’s episode sponsor. Carley and Joyce are talking about how important nutrition is to wound healing. Long story short, protein, protein, protein! But also, the importance of really knowing the nutritionist/dietician on your team and how they can help with your patients and their nutrition during the healing process. Also, Dr. Black has a great 3-legged stool analogy that you just have to click play to learn more about! Hope you enjoy! Read More.

National Injury Pressure Advisory Panel (NPIAP) Podcast with Martin Burns – The Role of Industry in Pressure Injury Prevention
June 20, 2024 by UNMC CON CNE

Today’s episode brings back our newest co-host Dr. Joyce Black. Dr. Black starts with her mailbox and then Martin Burns joins the conversation. Martin is the CEO of Bruin Biometrics and joins Dr. Black to talk about the role of industry in pressure injury prevention. Martin is a member of the NPIAP in an industry role as the chairman of the Corporate Advisory Council within the organization. This discussion will address what it’s like from the industry perspective when working with clinicians. They also discuss how industry helps with researching new technologies in patient care. Martin ends the episode with advice on how clinicians can work with industry when they come to the clinic to sell their products. We hope you enjoy this episode with Martin Burns and Bruin Biometrics! Read More.

The Future of Nursing: What is the Innovation Design Unit?
June 6, 2024 by UNMC CON CNE

Today's episode is a futuristic one as our host Heidi Keeler sat down to talk with three innovative thinkers that Nebraska Medicine is lucky to have! We'll let them introduce themselves, but we have Kara Tomlinson, Michelle Schulte, and Calli Sibilia who are all members of the team that runs the Innovation Design Unit (IDU). The IDU is a new space within University Tower and while still under construction will eventually house 17 active patient beds and a "makers space." The Innovation Design Unit has been crafted with the idea in mind that healthcare is ever evolving while patient care remains top priority. So, how can we continue high quality patient care yet begin to shift that care in new and innovative ways? This unit is designed to help with that! Take a listen and check the Episode Note for some links to articles to hold you over until January 2025 when the Unit is projected to begin accepting patients! Read More.

National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel (NPIAP) Podcast with Susan Solmos – Medical Devices and Facial Pressure Injuries
May 23, 2024 by UNMC CON CNE

Today’s episode has a return host and a return guest! Dr. Joyce Black and Dr. Susan Solmos are chatting again, this time about facial pressure injuries as a result of medical devices. Dr. Solmos worked with Professor Amit Gefen from Tel Aviv University on a study performed from January of 2016 to October of 2022 on evaluating the stiffness of the plastic on facial medical devices. Drs. Black and Solmos discuss the findings of the study and how it impacts nurses today in their care of critically ill patients. We hope you enjoy it! Read More.

Heart Failure: Signs and Symptoms to Look Out For with Dr. Dunbar
May 9, 2024 by UNMC CON CNE

In today's episode of RN Huddle, our host Dr. Heidi Keeler sits down with UNMC's own Dr. Christina (Chrissy) Dunbar Matos, DO. Dr. Dunbar is one of our advanced heart failure cardiac physicians. She has always found the heart the part of the body she is most passionate about. This episode, Drs. Keeler and Dunbar walk through the signs and symptoms that nurses can look for in their patients when it comes to heart failure. They also discuss different populations and how they might vary when it comes to those signs. We hope you enjoy this episode! Read More.

National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel (NPIAP) Podcast with Susan Solmos – Facial Pressure Injuries During COVID-19
April 25, 2024 by UNMC CON CNE

Dr. Joyce Black is back as host for this NPIAP episode, and she is joined by Susan Solmos who is a PhD graduate of the UNMC College of Nursing. Dr. Solmos is currently a part of the University of Chicago Medical Center's Center for Nursing Professional Practice and Research. Drs. Black and Solmos discuss the horrific nature of facial pressure injuries brought on by the (very important) mask wearing of our nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Solmos wrote her dissertation on how nurses shared their pressure injuries to the world via Instagram. This qualitative data was then used to show how the N95 masks were protecting yet also harming the nurses on the frontlines. While not news to our listeners, this is a great discussion between two passionate wound specialists on how our most beloved fighters during the COVID-19 pandemic, were fighting their own physical battle. Read More.

Long-Term Care Workbook – Learn More with Kathleen Boulter, MPH, BAN (HONS), RN
April 11, 2024 by UNMC CON CNE

On this episode of RN Huddle, our host Heidi Keeler sits down with Biocontainment Unit extraordinaire, Kathleen Boulter. During this discussion you’ll be provided with Kathleen’s background in infectious disease and how she got to the Biocontainment Unit here at Nebraska Medicine. From there, Heidi and Kathleen jump into how the LTC Workbook was created with a group of experts and NETEC (National Emerging Special Pathogens Training & Education Center) and it was a help to long-term care facilities to transition quickly during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We hope you enjoy this episode! Read More.

National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel (NPIAP) Podcast with Katy Cheatle – Pressure Injury Malpractice
March 28, 2024 by UNMC CON CNE

Today's episode continues the NPIAP series with Dr. Joyce Black as the host! Today she's joined by a guest that's a blast from the past here on RN Huddle, Katherine (Katy) Cheatle who is a defense attorney specializing in medical malpractice work. Why does someone sue their medical provider? What does the state of Nebraska and these lawsuits look like? How in detail should you get on your charting? And what to do with the non-compliant patient to avoid a lawsuit? All of these questions are answered today on RN Huddle! Read More.

National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel (NPIAP) Podcast with Kathleen Vollman – Pressure Injury Development in the Critically Ill
February 29, 2024 by UNMC CON CNE

Today’s episode will begin a monthly series with the NPIAP and RN Huddle. Your host for this series is the College of Nursing’s own Dr. Joyce Black. Dr. Black is the current president of the National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel (NPIAP) and has a passion for pressure injuries! In this first episode, Dr. Black is joined by fellow NPIAP Board Member, Kathleen Vollman. Kathleen has many years as an expert in the field of critical care nursing and during this episode, Dr. Black and Kathleen discuss pressure injury development in the critically ill and how to properly turn said patients. Kathleen dives into how she assists others in the knowledge of turning patients and how to quelch the anxiety of the bedside provider. Tune in every month where Dr. Black will meet with other pressure injury experts to cover a variety of topics! Read More.