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Long-Term Care Workbook – Learn More with Kathleen Boulter, MPH, BAN (HONS), RN
April 11, 2024 by UNMC CON CNE

On this episode of RN Huddle, our host Heidi Keeler sits down with Biocontainment Unit extraordinaire, Kathleen Boulter. During this discussion you’ll be provided with Kathleen’s background in infectious disease and how she got to the Biocontainment Unit here at Nebraska Medicine. From there, Heidi and Kathleen jump into how the LTC Workbook was created with a group of experts and NETEC (National Emerging Special Pathogens Training & Education Center) and it was a help to long-term care facilities to transition quickly during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We hope you enjoy this episode! Read More.

Addressing Sexual Assault: Conversations with SANEs
RN Huddle Re-Visit: Sexual Assault Awareness Month – Part 1
April 6, 2023 by UNMC CON CNE

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and during this episode of RN Huddle we visit with Claire Beweja, Jen Tran and Devi Fitelly. During this two-part series, these Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners talk about 3 fictitious cases and what steps they would take when the patients arrive. Join us again in two weeks for the continuation of this discussion. If you or anyone you know has been sexually assaulted, there are many resources out there for everyone to remain safe and get the help they need. Here are some hotlines who can help: National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE(7233); Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network: 1-800-656-HOPE(4673); and the National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline: 1-866-331-9474. Additionally, the nurses in this podcast discussed two different resources that they suggest. The WCA and Heartland Family Services. We’ve placed their information down below. WCA: Women’s Center for Advancement – http://wcaomaha.org/; Phone: 402-345-7273 Heartland Family Services – https://heartlandfamilyservice.org/; Phone: 402-292-5888 Read More.

RN Huddle Re-Visit: Are You Brave Enough: Part 2
March 9, 2023 by UNMC CON CNE

Today we continue the conversation between our host Heidi Keeler and UNMC’s own Dr. Sasha Shillcutt. Sasha is the Founder/CEO of Brave Enough. A website and entity that helps women know that they’re not alone and helps to convey ways that we can all support one another. In this episode, Sasha and Heidi talk about Sasha’s book called Between Grit and Grace. The book shares the self-reflection interviews of women done by Sasha. She talks with women who are physicians, lawyers, business owners and many more! These two also discuss other concepts that decipher the way that we look at ourselves. Ever heard of Imposter Syndrome? It’s a fascinating topic and the discussion by these two successful women is beneficial to any woman who listens! Update 2023: Sasha’s books, Between Grit and Grace & Brave Boundaries are both available wherever books are sold. Also, feel free to visit her website becomebraveenough.com for more on women and how overcoming gender bias in the healthcare workforce is important. Read More.

RN Huddle Re-Visit: Are You Brave Enough: Part 1
February 23, 2023 by UNMC CON CNE

RN Huddle Re-Visit: Are You Brave Enough: Part 1 Description: On this episode of RN Huddle, we are joined by a VERY special guest. Her name is Dr. Sasha Shillcutt and she is a cardiac anesthesiologist for UNMC. Today, however, we aren’t discussing her successful physician role but her other passion, women in medicine and how they experience gender bias. She sits down with our host, Heidi Keeler, and gives a very frank discussion on gender bias in the workforce in healthcare and some tips on how to overcome it. Dr. Shillcutt has a podcast of her own known as the Brave Enough Show and we encourage you to listen! Also, feel free to visit her website becomebraveenough.com for more on women and how overcoming gender bias in the healthcare workforce is important. Read More.

RN Re-Visit: MHTTC Burnout Busters joins RN Huddle!
January 26, 2023 by UNMC CON CNE

Today's episode is a re-visit of our first episode with the Burnout Busters team over at MHTTC (Mid-American Mental Health Technology Transfer Center) housed at the Monroe Meyer Institute here at UNMC. The episode follows co-host Renee Paulin as she introduces the series and our two guests Dr. Hannah West and Dr. Jordan Thayer (both who you may have seen on other episodes). Take a listen and be sure to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts to catch the next episode in the series, as well as other episodes featured here on RN Huddle! Here is the link for the MHTTC website https://mhttcnetwork.org/centers/content/mid-america-mhttc. Read More.

RN Huddle Re-Visit: Talking Burnout with Dr. Wengel – Part 2
December 29, 2022 by UNMC CON CNE

Today on RN Huddle, we continue the conversation between Dr. Heidi Keeler (our host) and Dr. Steve Wengel. While burnout is a very real issue in today's workplace, there are always options to help defeat and maybe even prevent it. Dr. Wengel and Heidi talk about what options may be available at your institution and how you can utilize those resources. Read More.

RN Huddle Re-Visit: Talking Burnout with Dr. Wengel – Part 1
December 19, 2022 by UNMC CON CNE

In this episode, we sit down with host Dr. Heidi Keeler and a new guest Dr. Steve Wengel. Dr. Wengel is both the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Campus Wellness and Chair of the UNMC Department of Psychiatry. He is very interested in workplace burnout and how to best beat it. While it’s not a psychiatric condition, it is still very serious and more and more people experience it every day. Listen here for tips on how to avoid burnout and how to combat it should you or a co-worker feel it. Read More.

Black Maternal Health Matters: Introduction to the Olson Brown Bag Series
December 1, 2022 by UNMC CON CNE

This weeks episode is a throwback episode that was never released! This episode we're looking at Black Maternal Health and how it matters. Black Maternal Health Week was April 11-17th and in celebration of that, the Olson Center for Women's Health had Dr. Andrea Jones in for a mid-day Brown Bag Presentation on April 19th. Check out the links below to learn more! Read More.

Worldwide Pressure Injury Prevention Day 2022!
November 17, 2022 by UNMC CON CNE

This episode is sponsored by wounds and how to prevent them! Renee Paulin, MSN, RN, CWOCN is joined by two other wound experts from Bryan Health out of Lincoln, NE, Cindy Skinner, RN, BSN, CWOCN and Kristine Strand, RN, CWOCN. Being in the acute care and outpatient setting, Cindy and Kristine see so many pressure injuries that could be prevented. They explain the prevention day initiative and the awareness they bring to their staff, through activities in the days leading up to Worldwide Pressure Injury Prevention Day (always on the 3rd Thursday of every November). Please enjoy this episode and prevent those wounds! Read More.