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Talking NG/G Tube Medication Administration with Dr. Ally
Talking NG/G Tube Medication Administration with Dr. Ally
March 26, 2020 by UNMC CON CNE

Medication administration can get complex for patients with compromised GI systems. Join us for this episode of RN Huddle as we sit down with repeat guest and drug expert Dr. Ally Dering-Anderson and her pharmacy student Lindsay as they discuss medication delivery through NG and G tubes. They review basic guidelines and best practices for medication and nutrition administration via these alternate delivery mechanisms. This information is critical for the proper administration and optimal absorption. Read More.

Nurses Giving Medication
Nurses Giving Medications
September 3, 2019 by UNMC CON CNE

How do you balance your workload & timing when it comes to administering medication to patients? To continue the legalities in nursing series, Dr. Black and Katie Cheetal discuss this issue and some legal consequences related to it. Read More.